Other Services

In addition to creating custom bikes under the Kish brand, we offer several related services to those inside and outside of the bicycle industry.

The Tool Grinder

Kish Fabrication provides tool sharpening services to bicycle shops and manufacturers. Many American bicycle builders use our service regularly, as well as hundreds of top shops. Most industrial sharpening services are unfamiliar with these specialized framebuilding tools, and often cause irreparable damage to them. These tools require a different geometry and sharpening technique than common cutting tools and we have years of experience servicing them.

All of our grinding machines and tooling are late-model, U.S.-made equipment customized for our use. Keeping your tools sharp makes frame prep easier and faster, and allows your tools to last longer. A dull tool performs poorly, and overuse can cause chipping and breakage.

The Tool Grinder operates from April 15 til October 15, sharpening every other week. You must let us know via email (toolgrinder@kishbike.com) or phone (805-574-0414) before you send anything. The shop is closed the rest of the year, no one will be able to receive any tools shipped outside this window.

We highly recommend adding extra USPS insurance to your package. $100 insurance is included, but this doesn't go far to replace lost tools.

Please email or call for address info, and to calculate insurance for your package.

Pricing List:

  • Bottom Bracket Taps:
    $20/each ($40/pair)
  • Bottom Bracket Facers:
  • Campagnolo, Silva, Cobra Head Tube Facers:
  • Head Tube Reamer:
  • Campagnolo, Silva, Cobra Crown Race Mills:
  • VAR or Park Single-sided Crown Race Mills:
  • VAR or Park Double-sided Crown Race Mills:
  • Single-sided Fork Dies:
  • Double-sided Fork Dies:
  • Return Priority Mail Shipping:
    $10 flat rate per order ($100 insurance included)

Private Education

Jim Kish has taught hundreds of people the craft of bicycle frame building for over 30 years. He has taught at Duke University, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, and United Bicycle Institute. If you would like to learn how to build a bike frame, UBI is a fine choice.

If the UBI format or schedule doesn't meet your needs, please contact us to discuss one-on-one instruction. We can find a solution, using our facilities or yours.


Many bicycle manufacturers, both the fledgling and well-established have tapped Kish Fabrication's experience and expertise to help grow and improve their manufacturing or business operations. Especially for those looking to add titanium products to their lineup, a few days of intensive instruction can save years of expensive trial and error. Past clients include bicycle, wheelchair, and recumbent manufacturers needing help with welding technique, machining, or design.